File Formats

We can work with most file formats.
While PDF files are the most commonly supplied files for generic print, we prefer to receive the artwork files, links and fonts for variable data jobs.

The added advantage of supplying us with artwork files is that if the file has any problems, we are, in most cases, able to fix them. If we are working with PDFs, it is harder to identify and fix issues if we encounter any along the way.

Files under 10mb can be sent by email. Larger files will need to be supplied on a disk, a USB, via a drop-box such as Hightail or Drop Box or using our SFTP.

Secure file transfer & data

If you are a large organisation that has highly sensitive data then you will probably have a SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) based platform. We can hook up to that and this is certainly our preferred method for transferring large sensitive data files.

While we are happy to accept emailed files, you should be aware that they is not as secure as FTP or SFTP.

Please contact us for further information about safe and secure data transfer between your business and Kinetic Digital.

Variable data files

In most cases databases come to us after all the processing work has been done to them. However, we have the skills to programme your data should you require us to do this. Tasks may include:

  • Salutation generation
  • Addressing
  • Postcoding and sorting into postcode order
  • De-duping
  • Imbedding of variable content like text or charts
  • Statement of Accuracy (SOA) generation
  • Lodging with NZ Post