Print Finishing

We have that can do, never say die attitude at Kinetic Digital. We like to do as much print finishing in-house as we can. What we can’t do in-house, we work with a range of trusted print finishing providers so we can offer you every conceivable finishing option:

  • Is it a die cut
  • A booklet
  • A special fold
  • A crease
  • A staple or even a safety-pin, or chain
  • A snot-dot, gluing
  • Or sealing in another clever way
  • A hand made and personalised envelope
  • Is it simply an A4 item folded to DL

Direct Marketing communications (DM)

We have a highly skilled team who understand DM drivers and know how to get it right. We’ll hand the finished items back to you, or arrange the whole process all the way to lodgment with NZ Post.

Those tricky items that need print finishing
Is it a die-cut a tricky fold, a pop-up or an over-sized printed piece? We’ve handled them all.

You can have confidence in the fact that we know how to quote for these very special jobs, ensuring that there are no surprises at the end of the day.

Booklet making

This is a specialist area for Kinetic Digital.
The whole idea of short-run “print on demand” has opened the door for this market. In the past you may have ordered a whole years’ worth of stock. Today the efficiencies of only ordering month by month are clear for all to see.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

There’s been a paradigm shift in the way smart businesses are ordering print today. POD (print on demand) means run sizes are getting smaller. You only pay for what you need so there’s no redundancy and no wastage.

As a consequence of small inventories, it’s now not unusual for our customers to ask us to manage their stock for them and then arrange dispatches on a regular basis, on their behalf.

Typically there will be a monthly storage fee based on the volume of goods we are holding and the amount of handling involved.

We can print your items on demand and then dispatch them to their final place of use. We’ll keep you fully informed as orders are fulfilled and you’ll only get billed for what actually gets put into use.

We are a large user of courier and freight services and so you can be assured of the very best rates.