For over two decades Kinetic Digital has developed a strong heritage in pre-press.

Having been firstly, producers of film and then later, plates for offset printers, Kinetic people understand how files are made and what it takes to get the best out of them.

We’ve worked with a huge range of design applications over the years but our favourite is InDesign. If we find any problems in supplied files, we will work with you solve them.

We are happy to pass on our knowledge and understanding. Having a Pre-press team that’s been around a while, means that we’ve encountered all sorts of files and as a result, we’ve developed ways of making them work!

Concept & design

We work with your chosen Agency or Graphic Designer to get the very best out of every job.

We provide advice where this helps and will happily provide you with the names of Agencies and Design businesses that we trust and have a have great relationships with.


We understand the importance of the confidentiality of our clients’ files. We manage highly complex variable data for banks, Corporates and Government Agencies and appreciate the requirements for absolute security of files and data.