At Kinetic we like to think that we are in the business of “Changing the way you think about print.”

We will work with you to re-think how you manage your print production. As an example the whole idea of short run digital “print on demand” has created game-changing options for businesses.

Rather than an order in thousands, which tend to go into store and then become redundant, we’ll provide you with a weekly top up, delivered to your actual place of use.

  • We will talk to you about versions rather than one generic kind
  • We will introduce the idea of “local” or even “personal” and how this can be achieved
  • We will help you better understand “reach” and options for better measurement of response rates
  • We will show you how you can be more sustainable by printing things only when they are actually required
  • We will provide you with cost comparisons, so that you are always in control

Printing Options

At Kinetic Digital we use a range digital platforms. Our smaller format, cut sheet printers are HP Indigo Digital Offset Presses (x2). We also have two Epson 10800 large format printers.

We will work with you to determine the best print process for your particular job.

At Kinetic Digital we have built up a vast experience in understanding the characteristics of different papers and we carry a wide range of those substrates that work the best.

Cut sheet HP Indigo printing

Why HP Indigo?
The HP Indigo presses use unique “liquid ink” (rather than toner) based technology. This replicates the “look & feel” of off-set print, but with all the benefits of digital print:

  • No plates, no make-readies, no wastage
  • Printing one copy as efficiently as many
  • Highly cost effective for shorter run sizes
  • Variable data enabled / personalisation
  • Sustainability benefits